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Online retailers have long recognized the benefits of personalization. As more and more success stories arise, organizations across virtually every industry are turning to personalization technology as a key business initiative. In fact, some believe that personalization will define the economy over the next decade.

The cosmetics market is becoming one of the most competitive markets in section; however, still very few retailers have recognized this opportunity. Online beauty shops need to provide high levels of product ranges, consultation services, and the best practices in e-commerce management.

Here is my checklist on how you can win the beauty e-commerce battle until 2020:


46% of customers are still focused on “convenience,” so make sure they find what they are looking for as fast as possible. Provide great navigation per Brand, Product Category and narrow it down from there. Show best-suited products first. Tell your clients why you selected this product for them. Or even create complete beauty regimen recommendations.


Integrate technology to provide online beauty consultation; 56% percent of customers still do not shop online because there is no consultation. Create guidelines, explain skin types and help them navigate the beauty jungle.


70% are not satisfied with the information they get for a beauty product. Natural cosmetics lovers are at 18% of cosmetic shoppers worldwide and are most interested in the natural origin of beauty and personal care products. Health-focused shoppers (17%) rank product tolerance and efficacy as important purchasing criteria. Therefore, be sure to highlight brands’ benefits clearly, such as being “free of,” vegan, cruelty free, and so on.


You need to stock up on niche brands, for example, health and natural/organic products, to cater to this rapidly growing target group. Also, tap into the benefits of these brand names and keywords still being low priced for SEM.


Do not stop the shopping experience at checkout. Create a sense of anticipation until the delivery is made. Let your shoppers know that their package has arrived when they are at work, or make a statement while “unpacking.”


Make replenishment as easy as possible. Once a member, purchasing should be able to be done with only a click. Think outside the box and provide a repurchasing WhatsApp or Messanger service. Legally, this is a pain in the ass, but it is worth it.

And if this is not enough, do not forget about marketing, advertising, PR, and a clear brand strategy. Figure out who your customers are today and then go back and do it all over again.