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Get to know Switzerland’s’ natural cosmetic shopper. From spending habits, product preferences to top performers and common trends. With detailed information about:

  • Gen Z (under 22 Y.)
  • Millennials (23-38 Y.) 
  • Gen X (39-54 Y.) 
  • Baby Boomers (55-73 Y.) 

This report will be released on August 1st, 2019.
Early-Bird Purchases before that date are subject to a 25-50% Discount with the provided coupon code.

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The report describes common personas in their Look, Lifestyle and cosmetic needs and preferences. It highlights spending habits, product combinations for their general regimen and uncovers trends and top performing products and brands per category. The report includes the following statistics and information per Generation:

  • Common Persona in Look & Lifestyle
  • Needs and Preferences per Generation
  • Preferred Packaging Design per Category
  • Top Performing Products per Product Category
  • Top Performing Brands
  • Avg. Spendings per Product Category / Basket
  • Common Product Combinations
  • Covered Product Categories: Makeup and Skin Care



In designing this report, Skin Match Technology Switzerland AG was able to draw upon the nationally representative sample of 1’500 beauty and cosmetic shoppers that had been randomly selected for the 2019 Beauty Insight Report for the Swiss Market. The target population for the Beauty Insight Report for the Swiss Market included all users from with localisation Switzerland, surveyed by any partner platform of  Skin Match Technology Switzerland AG.

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